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Knowsley Airpark, Australia's first Paramotor dedicated School.

Where is Knowsley Airpark you ask yourself??

We are located just over an hour and a half from Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. Nestled on our private 100 acre property, with bush camping available to our student’s and a 600M runway its all about aviation.

Being north of the Great Dividing Range Knowsley enjoys a wonderful microclimate providing far more flyable days than further south. Click on the Weather Underground link on the homepage to see the current conditions for yourself.

Why go to Knowsley Airpark for your training, most of the training facilities are the same!

NO we aren’t !! We have decided it's time to change the delivery of our training to suit YOU the

  • We recognise each future pilots training experience is a unique journey. Every student is an individual with different strengths, different physical abilities and an individual learning style. It just doesn’t make sense anymore to sign pilot’s up to the same cookie cutter two week, intensive course. 
  • We concentrate on building skills toward flying a Paramotor. Why waste your day and money driving to a ridge or training slope for soaring and thermalling skills when they are irrelevant to motoring, and even worse do not even count towards gaining your Paramotor Certificate.
  • We allow each pilot to travel their own path to the sky.
  • We film every launch and landing and watch the videos during the logging portion of the session. We have found the feedback you get from rewatching your flights is immeasurably beneficial to your progress as we focus on the nuances of the skills you are developing.
  •  We recognise the huge drain 2 weeks of training can have on your family and work, so we embrace a training life balance. 12 Days straight, 2 seven day blocks, weekends, single days and even 1/2 day booking are available. It's your journey, it's your choice. Our goal is to make the dream of flight more achievable in a holistic, individually tailored way and into a more enjoyable experience.
  • Our website offers 24/7 booking service for you to book training that best meets your schedule
  • We have made training more affordable. Instead of paying up front for your whole training you pay as you go at the end of each session.
  • We listen to you. All of our training initiatives are driven by our students. Feedback we received from a growing number of pilots doing the 2-week training, was wanting to break the training up into less stressful, more enjoyably, time sensitive and financially manageable blocks. So that's what we did, right up to the introduction of half day sessions to suit students who don't work 9 to 5 and may have mornings or afternoon available to them.
  • We even have True Fact Productions as part of our team to document your journey to the skies if you would like to purchase a 2 minute presentation to share with your family and friends.

The training day

The morning session typically starts at first light and runs for 4 hours. We use the calm air from dawn for flying and then hit the books, finishing up with the video review of the days activities and logging.

The afternoon session starts 4 hours before last light and starts with book work. We then head out to commit aviation when the thermic part of the day has settled and conditions are calm. If you book a full day session you will have time off in the middle of the day to rehydrate, rest, recover & revise.

Our guiding principles

Knowsley Airpark Knows you’re an individual, we know your needs and we know how to accommodate you. We love to fly, it’s our passion, our goal is for you to become a pilot that recognises the completion of training is just the beginning of a lifetime of successful and safe aviation.


Come Paramotoring with Knowsley Airpark!!!


Paramotor flying


“Oh The Places You’ll Go!
You’ll be on your way up!
You’ll be seeing great sights!
You’ll join the high fliers
Who soar to high heights”
Dr Seuss