Have a Chat Tandem Intercom

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Dual helmet input Have-a-Chat for tandems adds open mic communications between the passenger and the pilot.

The Have-a-Chat connect to the Icom 41Pro as well as the older Models – 41W and 41S. They are also compatible with the A15 VHF.


  • Priority VHF air-band Reception. It is a legal requirement now for all Australian airborne multi-band
    radio communications systems to provide priority to incoming VHF air-band transmissions
    over any other incoming call. Our system will mute all other devices during incoming VHF calls
    and continue for 1 second thereafter to improve thought transition from one conversation to
  • Dual headset-ready when used in conjunction with the optional dual connector cable.
  • In-flight selectable intercom or ‘on-demand’ sterile cockpit modes for dual headset operation.
  • Able to transmit to the radios from either headset whilst preventing the sounds from the other
    headset’s microphone from being transmitted.
  • Full-duplex teleconferencing between a phone caller and both pilots.
  • Noise-canceling Mil-spec electret microphone with proprietary noise attenuating boom mount.
  • Decoupled microphone mount to minimize sound being conducted from the mic boom itself. This
    is very important in open cockpit environments.
  • Class 5 passive acoustic noise suppressing ear cups giving a very high reduction in engine noise.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery with built-in protection circuit giving over 100 hours of continuous
    operation between charges.
  • Convenient auto-terminate charging from any USB port via the included headset charging cable.
  • Selectable continuous voice feedback (Sidetone) for all conversations. This ensures that you
    will always be able to hear yourself regardless of which device is being selected for transmission.
    The microphone is live continuously so that it is also possible to communicate with ground crew
    prior to the engine start without the need to remove the headset.
  • All headset versions are equipped with dual Press-to-talk buttons, located centrally on each ear
    cup. This allows you to use your preferred hand for transmitting radio calls.
  • Optional master headset volume control. Once you have adjusted the individual radios and
    phone devices for equal incoming audio sound levels, the master volume control allows you to
    make a single, easily accessible, inflight adjustment without the need to fiddle with each individual
    device’s controls. This feature has been phased out of production for improved safety as it is too
    easy to bump this dial during flight and potentially lose the ability to hear important radio
  • Highest quality Mil-spec microphone windshield. These windshields are manufactured in the
    The USA using hypo-allergenic, open-cell acoustic foam that contains no formaldehyde which are
    commonly found in most other foam windshields.
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