Freshbreeze Mostix Paramotor

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Vittorazi reliability meets Fresh Breeze ingenuity in this new combination.


Moster 185 Plus

Vittorazi has a proven track record of reliability with the Moster motor, and now it is combined with Fresh Breeze’s experience in paramotor innovation to make for an outstanding paramotoring experience.

The MostiX version will come with either Pull or E-Start, optional Centrifugal clutch and TTO gauges for Cylinder Head Temperature as well as Tacho/Hour Meter, and Loctite adhesive pre-applied to the bolts.

Adapted Cooling Assist Prop

Fresh Breeze, in conjunction with Helix, has developed a prop similar to an e-prop to enhance cylinder cooling.

Super Light Titanium Bars

Titanium exhaust and hang point system making set up very light!

Lightweight Tank

The tank was initially designed for the Fresh Breeze eXtreme paramotor. It is made of polyamide (PA). An extremely robust material, allowing the wall thickness of the tank to be minimized, saving more weight.

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