Welcome to Knowsley Airpark

Knowsley Airpark is located just over an hour and a half from Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. Knowsley Airpark provides Paramotor training for new pilots and endorsements for free-flying pilots wanting to give Paramotoring a try. Being north of the Great Dividing Range Knowsley enjoys a wonderful microclimate providing far more flyable days than further south. Cost-effective Paramotor hire is available or you can train on your own gear.

Knowsley Airpark is an HGFA endorsed training facility.


We are currently developing a new camping area for visiting pilots. The camping area isn't going to be a part of the school so we are raising funds separately to add a toilet / shower, under cover BBQ area and some tables. To pay for everything we are going to have camping fees, 100% of these fees goes back into improving the facilities.

Current students - Free

Ex students in their mentoring hours - Free

Ex students - $ 10 per night

Visiting pilots - $ 20 per night

Non flying visitors - $ 20 per night

All camping fees payable up front and cash only so we can stick it straight in the site development tin.

A little bit more about the property:

Knowsley Airpark is 34 km east of Bendigo and is nestled in between Axedale and Heathcote.

We are at 623 Murphys Lane, Knowsley, or simply search “ Knowsley Airpark “ in Google maps.

The Airpark is on private property owned by Justin & Fran Shaw, situated on 100 acres of farmland with livestock roaming the property. As it is private property we ask that you please respect our property by following a couple of Housekeeping rules:

  • Please do not bring any domestic animals onto the property.
  • If the front gate is shut/open please leave it how you find it.
  • We are an animal-friendly property, please be aware of what or who is around.
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